About Jordan

"It's not a job . . . It's a passion"

Often people choose a career to pursue in their lives, however real estate really chose Jordan! Jordan’s entry into the real estate industry stems from many avenues. He was first exposed at a very young age when his parents had been looking for a home for nearly 5 years before making their move. As Jordan grew older, he held several positions as a marketing and transaction director for a commercial investment company and later, two REALTORS ® in the D.C. Metropolitan Area. Being submerged in the real estate environment at a young age, he acquired an interest and love for real estate. 

Jordan takes pride in his job every day when meeting with clients. He uses a holistic approach to understand what his clients are in need of, and in return executes a solution for them. In addition to this, Jordan has been able to offer his clients a wide-range of support with his eye for attention to detail, and love for negotiating the best price for his clients. 

Jordan currently holds a B.S. Degree in  Finance from St. John’s University. He intends on opening several real estate brokerages & development offices across the United States.